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Unlimited Lab designs and manufactures products to encourage people to repurpose waste and experiment with materials in creative ways with 3D printing.

It is our aim to support makers, designers, and innovators in their journey towards a Circular Economy.

Unlimited Lab at Work

The Circular Economy can save Europe between $340bn and $630bn per annum.

Nearly £200 million funding is invested in programmes relevant to materials, manufacturing and the circular economy today in the UK.


1. Change the perception of what is ‘waste’.
2. Reduce cost and environmental impact of waste management.
3. Eliminate the impact of production and distribution of virgin plastic filament.
4. Reduce the cost of innovation:

Reducing the cost of material for 3D printing.
Encouraging “making” and knowledge sharing as fast track to innovation.
Providing affordable equipment for research on new sustainable materials.
Giving London’s SMEs, designers, researches, and innovators access to a wider range of materials for prototyping and small B2C productions.

Recycling PET caps for 3D printing

Long Term...implementing solutions for robotics and flexible manufacturing.

5. Bring back manufacturing to London with a low environmental impact.
6. Have a positive social impact reducing the amount of waste and creating jobs in manufacturing.

Unlimited 3D printing

Our Team

Josue Vivas

Co-Founder & Technical Director

After working at industrial level with plastic injection and robotics, he focused on industry 4.0 and 3D printing. Josue combines lean manufacturing with engineering design methods.

Elmira Magomedova

Creative Director

Interior and Spatial designer with extensive CAD skills and strong communication skills. Sustainability and technology are at core of her design thinking.

Irene Canuti

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Designer and Project Manager experienced in Brand and Product Management. Her background includes Human-Centred Design, Software Development and UX.

Unlimited Lab Team

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